Bhang Disposable Cannabis Oil Vape Pens

Bhang Disposable Vape Pens

These Bhang disposable vape pens are available in Indica, Hybrid, or Sativa, (non-strain specific) and are super convenient and easy to use. No charging required and when the pen no longer produces a decent hit, simply toss it out.

The pen has a black rubber cap on the end you inhale from (I removed it prior to taking the picture above). To use the pen, remove the black rubber cap and place the open end (the left end in the picture above) in your mouth. Take a nice long draw, not too hard, but long and steady and you will get a nice hit.

I just tried one for the first time and it is a nice product. At first I toked on it like you might smoke a joint and the hits were kind of weak. Then I took a nice long steady toke as if I were drinking a cocktail through one of those skinny little straws they put in a mixed drinks, and I got much better results.

Each disposable pen contains 275mg (a little over 1/4 gram) of pure premium CO2 extracted cannabis oil with a potency range of 25% to 35% THC.

Cost Ea.

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